GO Ukraine Resource Library

Goal: $30,000

This is the hub of the GO Ukraine campaign! Everything you need for teaching lessons and launching your own club fundraising is here!

About the Campaign

GO Ukraine Intro Video

GO Ukraine Group Lesson:

GO Ukraine Fundraising

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7 thoughts on “GO Ukraine Resource Library

  1. Hi
    I’ m going to introduce go Awana paraguay tonight to my T and T boys tonight at AWANA. My leaders and I have agreed to double whatever the boys bring in to Adopt a club. I’m also going to host a dinner, on what scale, I’m not sure yet. Thank you for all the lesson plans and the into video


  2. Hi, Our Awana club earned shares this year working in their books. As a group they were given the choice to SAVE or GIVE each share they earned. We complied the results and had a celebration for what they saved. Even more exciting, they have chose to GIVE even more. The amount they accumulated during the year has resulted in a God Blessed super awesome donation to Awana Go – Paraguay. Our closing ceremonies are coming up, and I would like to present this campaign to the families and rejoice in what the kids have achieved. Is there a video that I can play (or any other ideas), that will make this real and show the direct impact they have made?
    Thank-you !


    • Hi Jodie, have you seen the “Intro Video”? It might work perfectly for what you need. You can find it here: https://vimeo.com/105072737. It shows an Awana club running in Paraguay and Jon Imbeau talking about the great partnership we have there. We currently don’t have any other videos about the Paraguay ministry, but we have lots of pictures that we could send if that would help. Email us at awana@awanacanada.ca if you would like some photos to share. Thanks for your great work!!!


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